Can I book on the day?2021-10-01T11:12:04+10:00

Yes you can, although during peak times (9am – 10:30am) we ask that you pre book online so we can streamline sign on for everyone and get you out on the track sooner.

What gear do I need to bring with me2021-10-01T11:12:37+10:00
  • Long sleeve jersey and pants
  • Helmet – brains are important – make sure your lid is Australian standards compliant
  • Boots
  • Goggles (please note we do not allow tear offs)
  • Gloves
  • Protection (any armour, knee braces/guards, neck braces etc)
Can I ride quad bike at Motoland?2021-10-01T11:13:02+10:00

Unfortunately 4 wheelers aren’t catered for at Motoland.

Are pets allowed?2021-10-01T11:13:23+10:00

Sorry, although we are all animal lovers here at Motoland DOGS AND PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
(Give Fido a pet for us though!)

I am a photographer, am I allowed on the track and to take pics?2021-10-09T11:07:53+11:00

At this stage we encourage media to attend our track and capture photos of our riders in action! Please head to Motoland check-in area to sign your waiver, grab your media vest and be sure to tag us in any pics so we can share on our socials too!

Refund Policy2021-10-09T11:19:47+11:00

We are a rider focused business and understand that from time to time you may be required to cancel / credit / refund your booking.


  • If the track is closed due to wet weather, we will advise all booking holders and you will be refunded automatically into the account or service you made the booking under.
  • Covid & other exceptional circumstances – we understand that sometimes situations can occur outside of your (and our) control (such as Covid restrictions). We will happily offer a refund or credit within these situations, at the discretion of our management team.

Where we cannot offer a refund:

  • Where your bike malfunctions or you forget suitable protective gear. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer a refund if your bike breaks down or if you forget to pack the right stuff. It is highly recommended you check your bike is in top working condition before heading out to the track and check your gearbag has what you need in it.
  • Refund requests must be placed 24 hours prior to your ride. Motoland limits rider numbers to ensure an enjoyable experience for all so these spots free up someone elses ability to attend.

Please send any questions or cancellation requests through to

Privacy Policy2021-10-01T11:14:34+10:00

Your personal information is stored securely and includes information such as name, address, date of birth, email addresses, medical details, next of kin/emergency details & transaction details. This information is not shared with 3rd parties. From time to time, it may be necessary to share your personal information (such as medical information for services). We take all reasonable steps to ensure these providers adhere to the privacy and confidentiality requirements of these details.

We are a Covid compliant facility2021-10-19T16:18:18+11:00

We are all working together to reduce the spread. Please stay at home if you are feeling unwell. We also encourage all entrants to practice social distancing and use the QR code at check in. Our team offer compliant & hygienic practices including minimising cash transactions, monitoring rider numbers & regular cleaning processes.

Is Personal Accident Insurance mandatory?2021-10-19T16:17:48+11:00

Personal Accident Insurance is optional.

If you already have an MA annual licence then Personal Accident Insurance is automatically covered within your booking.

Are there any rules when riding?2021-10-19T16:16:57+11:00

At Motoland we place importance on respect and safety.

We required all riders at Motoland to ride in a safe and reasonable manner. That includes both fellow riders, spectators and our surrounding community.

Please ensure when riding at Motoland you maintain a walking pace through the pit areas, look out for your fellow riders when on the track and always be respectful of differing rider abilities.

Please ensure you have the appropriate safety gear and ensure exhaust systems are properly maintained to minimise excess noise. We aren’t here to be a nuisance to others, just to safely enjoy the sport we love.

What should I know when arriving?2021-10-19T16:16:38+11:00

When entering Motoland please make your way to the cafe area where you can see our friendly staff and check-in for the day. If spectating, parking can be found just outside the cafe area.

Motoland is a community focused venue zoned within proximity of residential areas – we ask all riders and guests to be respectful of the greater community by managing noise levels and general conduct when entering, exiting and within the surrounds of Motoland.

Where am I allowed to ride at Motoland2021-10-19T16:16:06+11:00

Motoland has designated tracks which have been designed based on differing skill levels. If you are unsure on which track is suitable for you please ask our friendly staff to help guide you.

Please always ride within these set areas/tracks. Safety is paramount and the land where we are located has zoned riding areas that we need to be respectful on at all times.

Where can I report inappropriate, or unlawful behaviour?2021-10-19T16:15:48+11:00

We pride ourselves on delivering safe, inclusive and welcoming riding experiences at Motoland but if something is amiss or you encounter untoward behaviour, please let our staff know, as this will not be tolerated.

I want to provide feedback on my experience at Motoland2021-10-19T16:15:06+11:00

Our contact details are noted on the website and we warmly welcome any feedback on your experience – from the tracks, amenities to general feels about your day out. We want to continue to improve and listen our guests to make sure Motoland is always the best experience possible.

Please email us at

Personal accident insurance2021-12-10T12:25:28+11:00
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